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Your Complete Resource Guide to Owning a Profitable Vacation Rental Property

Owning a second home can provide a much-needed spot to just get away from it all. If you own a vacation home in a tourist hotspot, however, that property can also provide a lucrative source of extra income. Even if you don’t own a home here just yet, you can purchase a second home and turn it into a vacation rental, to help pay that second mortgage. Wondering how to accomplish either of these vacation rental goals? These resources may help.

Buying a Vacation Home

If your priority for buying a second home is to turn a profit, you should keep a few points in mind in terms of the location and property features.

Buying a Vacation Rental Property: How to Choose the Right Location

How to Buy a Vacation Rental Home with Major Profit Potential

13 Places Cracking Down on Airbnb

Learn About Mortgage Options at PennyMac Loans

Accardo Real Estate Associates Offers Exceptional Realtor Services in the South Bay Area


Prepping a Vacation Home for New Guests

Setting up a vacation home for guests is a bit different than setting it up for yourself. These helpful links can ensure you won’t miss any important details.

Fixing Up Your Investment Property for Rental Income: Where to Splurge, What to Skip

16 Small Vacation Rental Interior Design Changes That Make a Big Difference

Excuse Me, Your Vacation Rental Is Missing Something

Easy Updates to Turn Your Boring Vacation Rental Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat


Stocking a Rental Property with Necessities

When you own a vacation rental, you are typically responsible for supplying some basics, like toilet paper and towels, but stocking a few extras can help boost your reviews and profits.

Top 12 Guest Toiletries Suppliers for Vacation Rentals

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Hotel with These Best-Selling Bath Towels

How to Buy in Bulk: Your Ultimate Guide


Attracting Guests to a New Vacation Rental

With your vacation rental selected, updated, and stocked with the essentials, it’s time to start turning a profit. Here are some links to help you market your new vacation rental.

Where to Advertise Your Vacation Home

How to Create the Perfect Vacation Rental Listing: 5 Simple Tips

8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Vacation Rental

Using the resources and links above can take the stress out of renting out your vacation home! Follow along with the included tips to set your home up for guests or use them to find the perfect property to turn into a profitable vacation rental. Either way, you will have an effortless and lucrative source of income to help round out your financial portfolio.

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