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What to Look for When Buying a Beach Home

What to Look for When Buying a Beach Home

Compared to buying a regular property, buying a house near a beach requires special considerations. If you do not want to regret your decision, then you need to know what to look for when buying a beach home.

A solid roof

If you are looking to find the home of your dreams, then you are probably planning to live in it. And if you do not want to have to move out soon after buying it for renovation, then one of the things to look for when buying a beach home is a solid roof. Due to their proximity to water and the weather typical of a beach, your roof will regularly come under a lot of stress. If any problem occurs with it, then leaks will form very quickly. Roof leaks are the worst enemy of any beach home. They make the already considerable humidity much worse, so you can fully expect lots of mold in your room. Aside from how ugly such an infestation will look, it can become a severe health hazard.

Quality doors and windows

One thing people tend to forget about beaches: sand gets everywhere. Unfortunately, strong winds will pick up sand and hurl it at your home. Think about this: if you can feel the slight sting of sand on your skin in such weather, what’s happening to your home? Damage is what’s happening, especially to windows and doors. Your windows need to be made of fiberglass to withstand this. The regular glass ends up severely scratched and dented.

Similarly, the frame of your windows and your outside doors are best made out of aluminum or even stainless steel if you are ready to splurge. Of course, the façade of your home would suffer the same conditions. So, any paint will likely get chipped or damaged very quickly. This, in turn, means you should prioritize homes whose façade is resistant to damage and without much embellishment.

The right proximity to water

When buying a beach home, some people think the closer to the water they are, the better. On the contrary, you need to strike a nice balance of distance. Being too far from the beach means you miss out on the view and easy access to water. Being too close, however, means you are constantly exposing your home to a lot more humidity and water damage. The chances of getting flooded grow considerably as well! Not to mention that many scientists agree we can only expect the sea level to rise in the coming years. All of this contributes to the steep costs of any insurance schemes you try to take out on your house. Homes that are close to water also need to be made out of premium materials to last. This means they are relatively expensive.

Local amenities

Of course, no beach home is complete without lots of exciting amenities in its vicinity. The presence of bars, cafes, shops, boat rentals, and similar all affect not just the quality of life you can expect after moving in but also the cost of the property. When we say ‘cost,’ we refer to both purchasing and rental costs. In other words, if you think you are ready to buy an investment property and are planning on renting out your beach home when not using it, then the local amenities will have a lot of influence on the viability and profitability of your plans. Naturally, more people would be interested in renting if the location of your beach home is better.

Sufficient storage space

One of the reasons people like beach homes so much is because whether or not they come with an outdoor area already built, you can organize one relatively easily yourself. However, they ignore the fact that when bad weather comes, you need to be able to secure all your furniture and belongings that are typically left outside somehow. You’re in trouble if your home has little storage space, which is taken up by the rest of your stuff. Your only option would be to look for local storage services. Remember that you will also need to look for them once you decide to move to your beach house. You may even have to hire local movers in Los Angeles to ensure the transfer of all your items to safety once bad weather months arrive. So, plan for this eventuality from the start. And always know that you need to have enough space inside to fit whatever furniture you leave outside.

Cost of upkeep

Beach homes are expensive to keep in the best condition. We have already covered why this is the case in our previous tips. However, the upkeep cost still differs from home to home based on how well it is built. Just because the sellers are aware of home renovations that attract buyers doesn’t mean the house will not look like a mess in a month or two. It would help if you had a frank discussion with the seller. Both about how much it costs to ensure the home stays in top condition and how often the property requires repairs.

A good neighborhood

A decent neighborhood is a final thing to look for when buying a beach home. If you are buying the house intending to get a home where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, then you do not want to end up in a location known for its wild parties. Similarly, if you buy property near a beach that’s popular with tourists, you can expect the area to be near constantly swamped. Those are not exactly ideal conditions for relaxation.

Final advice

Now that you know what to look for when buying a beach home, you can dodge most bad decisions associated with the process. Just remember to take your time and adequately investigate every house you like. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean lots of issues won’t come up to the surface once you take a closer look at the property.

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