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    Staging is Crucial No Matter the Price Point

    Staging is Crucial No Matter the Price Point

    Once upon a time, you might have only used a professional staging company for top-dollar listings. But in today’s market, it’s a necessity for every home — no matter the price point. One of the main reasons for this is, of course, the internet. More and more buyers are starting their search online. If your listing photos don’t make an impact, potential buyers might scroll right past.

    Once you do get them on the property, everything about the environment should really call to the specific buyer. For instance, in a recent listing we went for staging that suited a bachelor.   With the guidance of our staging partner we went masculine with the design including a surfboard mounted on the wall in the living room and a bottle of whiskey and a pair of handsome whiskey glasses. It’s those small, thoughtful details that make the perfect buyer connect with the listing.

    About a year ago I made a short video about the importance of staging (see below).    The property was vacant and the neighborhood appeals to young families and first time home buyers.     In the video you’ll see how we staged it.   It sold in less than a week with multiple offers and over $100,000 the asking price.   Click the video below!

    What used to be a luxury service is now a necessity for selling.  When you schedule a listing consultation with me I’ll also bring in my staging expert.   


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