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    Price Reductions and Days on Market

    By Mike Naylor | August 24, 2022

    What does all this mean for Buyers and Sellers? Here’s what I’ve noticed. Buyers are quick to notice the change in the market in an instant. Sellers tend to have a bit of a delayed reaction….sometimes it takes them 120-180 days before they say “all this data affects MY house.??” It’s been quite a ride over the last couple years. And for many Sellers or potential sellers their expectations reflect what they’ve been seeing in the market just a few months or even a few weeks back. Read More

    Senior Move Specialists Help Seniors Streamline Their Move

    By Mike Naylor | August 21, 2022

    home. These relocation experts understand your unique needs, allowing them to offer a level of support you may not get elsewhere. This is especially true if you’re moving your business with you; it may be a worthy consideration to work remotely during this time of transition to minimize the inevitable downtime Read More

    How Much to Invest in Staging Before Listing Your Home

    By Mike Naylor | August 4, 2022

    Staging your home is a good way to attract potential buyers and raise the value of your home. But how much should you invest in staging? Read More

    What to Look for When Buying a Beach Home

    By Mike Naylor | July 18, 2022

    Learn about what to look for when buying a beach home in order to purchase the best possible property for the needs of you and your family and avoid problems. Read More

    A Guide to Getting Settled in Redondo Beach

    By Mike Naylor | June 6, 2022

    After you’ve rested up from the work of moving into a new area, your next step is to learn to make yourself at home there. Part of making yourself at home involves just getting used to the area, figuring out how to get around, and knowing where important locations are. But making yourself at home also means becoming a part of the community, getting involved locally, and making new friends. Read More

    FIVE Signs You’re Ready to Buy an Investment Property

    By Mike Naylor | June 5, 2022

    One of the best ways to generate passive income and build wealth is to invest in a property. However, the decision to purchase an investment property is a huge one. It demands considerable financial resources and possibly s fair share of your free time, at least initially. Therefore, it’s critical to determine if you’re ready... Read More

    How to Get Settled into Your New South Bay Home

    By Mike Naylor | April 11, 2022

    How to Get Settled into Your New South Bay Home Unpack sooner than later. If you are completely new to the South Bay area, you’ll be dealing with plenty of unfamiliarities as it is. Your home should be somewhere that feels comfortable and familiar. As soon as you can, says to start unpacking your... Read More

    How to Prepare Your Rental Home For a Showing

    By Mike Naylor | April 9, 2022

    If you want to attract tenants and rent out your investment property in no time, here's how to prepare your rental home for a showing. Read More

    7 Home Modifications to Help You Age in Place

    By Mike Naylor | March 7, 2022

    If moving around the house becomes a challenge or a safety risk, hear us out. There are simple home modifications to help you age in place. Read More

    Your Complete Resource Guide to Owning a Profitable Vacation Rental Property

    By Mike Naylor | July 30, 2020

    Owning a second home can provide a much-needed spot to just get away from it all. If you own a vacation home in a tourist hotspot, however, that property can also provide a lucrative source of extra income. Even if you don’t own a home here just yet, you can purchase a second home and... Read More