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How to Prepare Your Rental Home For a Showing

Tenants in a rental home for a showing with a realtor.

How to Prepare Your Rental Home For a Showing

Owning a rental property is a great way to secure additional income. However, most tenants will leave after a certain period. You should then work hard to make your property presentable and find new tenants who will want to rent it. To help you with that process, we will give you seven tips on how to prepare your rental home for a showing.

Improve the curb appeal

The first thing potential renters will see isn’t going to be the inside of your home. The first impressions will be formed before the tenants even walk through the front door. As real estate experts who specialize in California, we can tell you that your home’s curb appeal will have the most significant impact on your ability to rent the property.

Plenty of California homes have beautiful yards and gardens, and if your home looks unattractive from the outside – you will have a hard time convincing someone that they want to live there. Consider doing some landscaping before the showing. Apply a fresh coat of paint and add some lawn chairs and mood lighting. Make your home inviting from the first moment people lay eyes on it.

Remove excess items and declutter

Even rental properties tend to accumulate leftover items over time. They can represent possessions left behind by previous tenants or perhaps half-functioning appliances that you never got around to throwing out. However, if you want to prepare your rental home for a showing, you need to de-personalize it. Help your future tenants imagine what they could do with the home by presenting them with a clean slate. Sometimes your tenants will have their own furniture. And, in that case, they might ask you to remove a few of your items from the property.

You’ll need to figure out what to do with the leftover items that were causing the clutter in the first place. You can contact your previous tenants to see if they have accidentally left something behind. While waiting for them to come and pick up their possessions, or if you simply do not feel like throwing things away, you can put the excess items into storage. You can hire a packing service and let experts assist you. Most moving companies can offer both backing and storage services. So, you can have the same company handle both of those issues for you.

Make sure everything is in working order

Go through the rental home and check to see if all the appliances are functioning correctly. You can make a checklist or follow a guide to ensure you didn’t miss anything. If you want your home to look presentable, do all the necessary repairs before the tenants even see the property. They will be much more likely to rent the home if everything is in working order rather than to take your word that you will fix things eventually. Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to:

  • Pay special attention to the kitchen appliances.
  • Inspect all the faucets and see how the toilet is flushing.
  • Bring a lamp to check all the electrical sockets.

Clean the home

If you are going to bring people in for a home showing, you need to make sure that the property is clean. In fact, let’s make that spotless. Not everyone aspires to the same level of cleanliness. Plus, your previous tenants may have left home in a state of disarray. Vacuuming and tidying up isn’t too complicated, but sometimes there could be persistent odors that are hard to deal with. Consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to help you prepare your rental home for a showing. Remember that you should take extra care to make the kitchen surfaces and countertops clean. That is where people will be preparing food, and you don’t want them to get grossed out by leftover food.

Turn on all the lights and draw the curtains

When people come to view your rental property, they might think you’re hiding something if there is not enough light. Turn on all the lights in the home, or even better – let in as much natural light as possible. If you go through our gallery of California home listings, you will see that most of the pictures are taken during the day. People love to imagine themselves in a bright, sunlight home. Honestly, no one is excited by the prospect of living in a dark and moldy house. When you schedule the home viewing, keep this in mind, and pick the time of day when your home has the most sunlight.

Set the AC accordingly

If you are showing your rental home during the summer, you can try to cool it down with AC. This will show your future tenants that the HVAC system is working and that they will not have to sweat during the hot months of the year. The same can be said about winter home showings. You’ll want your house guests to feel comfortable and know that the home has good heating and insulation.

Add a bit of decoration

Make sure that your home looks cozy and welcoming. Buy some houseplants and flowers, and add a few candles here and there. These types of decorations usually aren’t too expensive. Yet, they can have a massive impact on how tenants perceive the property. Remember that you shouldn’t go overboard with decorations since you want to leave some room for imagination. Let your tenants picture themselves in the home and get them thinking about what they could do to decorate further.

In summary

You should strive to make your home look its best when greeting future tenants. You will not get another chance to make an excellent first impression. So, it makes sense to try your best to impress them on the first viewing. We have shown you how to prepare your rental home for a showing. Now it is up to you to stage your home and leave the tenants breathless.

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