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How to Combine Getting a New Pet With Starting a New Writing Business

Believe it or not, starting a new writing business and getting a new pet are two things that actually have a lot in common. Each step to succeed at these goals is similar — so similar, in fact, that you can actually combine them. Follow these basic guidelines from Accardo Real Estate Associates so that you can spend time with your pet and watch your business unfold.

Planning for Your Pet and Business

You need a plan for your business and to bring home your new pet. Both of these require careful attention to detail.

  • Decide what type of pet you want and the kind of writing you want to do.
  • Consider adopting from an animal shelter or rescue group.
  • Set a date to launch your business.
  • Gather any necessary supplies for your pet as well as your business.

In the case of a pet, consider the first things your pet will need, such as a bed, food, a leash, collar, or litter box. Before purchasing any pet products, carefully read reviews from experts to ensure you’re buying quality items. You’ll also want to immediately establish a relationship with a nearby vet.

In the case of a business, determine equipment needs, marketing, branding, and open a business bank account. When it comes to registering your business with the state, choose a business structure, such as an LLC, and find out about the requirements in your area. Steps to start a new business will also include developing a marketing plan and figuring out how much funding you’ll need.

Also, down the road, you might consider going back to school for a masters degree in business in order to give yourself a big advantage over the competition. And if you choose to take advantage of the freedom offered by online programs, you can learn at your own pace without having to take too much time away from work – or your new pet!

License and Registration

Your pet will need to be licensed in your city, and your new business needs to be registered with the state. Find out your city’s requirements for licensing, which can often be handled online, and then splurge on a personalized tag for your pet’s collar.

Set Up Your Space

Your pet will need a space where he can retreat, and you will need a workspace that supports focus. So it’s important to choose and outfit these areas to enhance comfort and productivity, respectively. For a pet, provide plenty of engaging toys and a soft bed where he can nap. Install a fence so he can spend some time outdoors in the comfort and safety of your property.

For your business workspace, consider investing in an ergonomic desk or computer. Make sure your workspace and your pet’s space are compatible too. New pets need a lot of attention, and working from home can help you provide that. Having your spaces close helps your pet know you’re there, and makes it easy for you to keep an eye on him.

Get Insurance

Formalizing your business offers additional protections, but you’ll still need to have insurance for your business. As for your pet, vet bills can add up over time, and having a pet insurance policy can help you save money and provide the best care possible. Business insurance should include loss of property or loss of profit. Your pet insurance should include well visits as well as major medical. Each is important for your business and your pet’s overall welfare.

Create a Schedule

Maintaining a regular schedule for both your pet and your writing is extremely important, especially if your pet is young and needs to be litter, crate, or bathroom-trained. A schedule provides predictability for your pet and helps you stay focused and actually get some writing done. In the beginning, a strict routine can help you both acclimate to your new life together.

Starting a new business and getting a pet make for exciting times, though combining the two can also be very stressful if you don’t handle things right. Fortunately, you can succeed at both when you incorporate the above resources. Your pet can bring you joy and comfort while your business can bring you independence and financial security for years to come.

Written by Candace Sigmon |

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