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…because if you’re like me you’ll accumulate a lot of them over the next few weeks!

We’re post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I’ve noticed recycling bins filled to the brim with cardboard boxes and packaging…including my own!    We’ve still got a few weeks until the Christmas holiday so please do everyone a favor by breaking down all cardboard boxes and placing them inside your recycling bin.  If you have too many to fit, you can stack them next to the bin but they must be flattened and tied with string. Preferably, the bundle should be leaned up against the blue bin facing the street so the driver can see them. Also, any bulky or air-filled recyclable plastic packaging should be deflated before going in the blue bin.

And, as always, NO PIZZA BOXES go in the blue bin.

Here’s a message from one of the local recycling centers:

Breaking down your boxes saves time, energy and space. It also reduces the risk of on-the-job injuries to our employees, resulting from struggling with unbroken boxes at the curb.  We collect materials in specially designed trailers with multiple compartments. This allows materials to be kept separate from each other.

Unbroken, cardboard boxes take up a lot of room. With over a hundred households on a typical route the space allotted on the trailer for cardboard would quickly fill up without your cooperation and the additional time spent at each stop would limit the number of households we could effectively handle.

City of Los Angeles:  24-hour Customer Care Center at 800-773-2489   Learn more about recycling

City of Torrance: 24-hour Customer Care Center at 855-354-5623

City of Rancho Palos Verdes:  Main phone:  310-544-5200

Palos Verdes Estates:  For questions and additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at (310) 378-0383 or Athens Services customer service by calling (888) 336-6100

Hermosa Beach:

Manhattan Beach:

City of Long Beach:

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