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4 Things You Must Do To Sell Your Home If You Have Pets

4 Things You Must Do To Sell Your Home If You Have Pets

Pets are members of the family. They fold themselves into our lives and homes, but if you are planning on selling your house, this can be a problem for potential buyers. Those shopping for a home want to envision themselves in their new house.  Pets or simply the implied presence of pets can turn people off. If you’ve got furry family members and you’re preparing to list your home, here are some tips to help you started and headed toward a sold sign.

  1. Hide the Evidence

To help buyers envision themselves living in your house, you should stage the home by removing any personalization. This includes your pet’s things, too. In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that 67 percent of homeowners said that pet ownership affects selling a home.

Pack away your pet’s toys and remove their food and water bowls. Any dog crates and cat scratching posts should be stored away. If you have a cat, make sure your litter box is in an out of the way location such as the basement or garage.

This may require having the foresight to train your cat on their litter box’s new location a few weeks before you put it on your market, but since many buyers will be turned off by a litter box in the bathroom or bedroom, it’s worth the effort.

  1. Repair Damage

No matter how much you love your pet, they are still animals and will have inevitably caused damage to your home. Scratched floorboards, tears in the carpet and damage to the walls are the types of wear and tear you are probably used to, but is the sort of deterioration that turns off homebuyers. This may require some financial investment.

When surveying the damage and other concerns around the house, it’s a good idea to hire an inspector before you put your home on the market to go through the house and flag any problems. Having an inspection gives you the chance to make any repairs before buyers view your home, and oftentimes having an inspection before you list can give buyers extra peace of mind. You can expect to pay between $275 and $360 to hire a home inspector in Rancho Palos Verdes. This could be an investment that puts you that much closer to sealing the deal, so don’t discount it.

  1. Clean and Clean Again

Many buyers will pass on a home if it has too distinct an odor. Though you are accustomed to it, new people entering your home make take offense to your pet’s scent. Now is the time to invest in a deep clean to help remove the years of smell and buildup on the floors and other surfaces.

Watch out for carpet stains; if a professional deep clean can’t get rid of it, you should consider replacing it altogether. Inexpensive new carpet looks much better than expensive stained carpet. You can find affordable carpet tiles on Wayfair for $1.11 per square foot.

After your home has been scrubbed clean, be sure to keep it that way. Vacuuming the floors daily will help keep that new carpet in pristine condition.  Here’s a fantastic website with a wealth of creative cleaning ideas.

  1. Relocate Your Pet

Once your house is staged for showings, the only thing left to do is temporarily relocate your pet. Unknown animals tend to make people nervous, and you do not want your dog or cat’s presence being what turns away a potential buyer even if they are harmless and friendly.

Instead, remove them from the house during showings. Consider leaving them with family or friends or leaving them with an overnight boarder. If it will only be a few hours, take them for a long walk or trip to the park.

Selling a house is a stressful process. While it may seem like more work, you need to take the time and energy to clean up evidence of your pet. It can lead to a large return on investment and possibly even a quicker sale. Buyers want to envision their new lives in your home, and you can make it easy for them.


Story by Cindy Aldridge

Photo courtesy of Pexels.


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