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Monthly Archives: October 2022

    Online Home Evaluation Tools are INACCURATE

    By Mike Naylor | October 27, 2022

    What’s your “go-to” site for checking the value of your home? ? Would it matter to you if that value was incredibly inaccurate? ? There’s a way to make sure you get the most accurate result when you need a #HomeEvaluation or #HomeEquityReview. ⏱Give me a minute and I’ll explain. If you’d like more of my time to discuss this topic please reach out to me! Or comment if you agree or disagree! ?? Read More

    Multi-State Living Arrangements With a Pet: How to Set Up Homes in Multiple States

    By Mike Naylor | October 27, 2022

    Multi-state living arrangements can be a bit tricky to manage, especially if you own more than one home and have a pet. If you've been looking for great tips to thrive in your living arrangement, we have some great info to help. Here are some best practices for living in different states and homes - successfully. Read More

    South Bay Market Update- Oct 15, 2022

    By Mike Naylor | October 19, 2022

    Did you know there’s 9 distinct MLS areas in San Pedro. South Shores, Palisades, Pt Fermin, Vista de Oro, Plaza, Barton Hill, Miraleste Pines, Holy Trinity, North San Pedro Read More

    Why Buying a House With a Swimming Pool Is a Good Investment

    By Mike Naylor | October 19, 2022

    Owning a pool may appear to be a costly process. However, the investment may not seem so high, and the advantage of owning a swimming pool seems much better when you realize that the expense of sending a family of five to a five-day, four-night stay at a big adventure park can easily cost $3,000 - $7,000. Read More

    South Bay Market Update- October 1 2022

    By Mike Naylor | October 1, 2022

    As the real estate market goes through this transition we’re seeing a number of major key data points changing on a daily basis.   I’m going to show you # of active listings, price reductions and pending sales in 8 south bay markets…and tell you why these data points are important. Read More