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Monthly Archives: September 2022

    RENT vs BUY

    By Mike Naylor | September 29, 2022

    Are you grappling with the same dilemma…or perhaps someone you know? I have my own opinion but let me share the advice from 4 other people in the real estate arena.??? Read More

    SIZE MATTERS in a Real Estate Transaction

    By Mike Naylor | September 28, 2022

    MINUTE WITH MIKE- ?Before #ListingaHome it’s critical to get the square footage correct. Tax records may be different from prior sale records or an #Appraisal report. On top of that some areas of the home might not qualify in the square footage calculation.? Having the number off could really jeopardize the transaction! Read More

    A Resource for Seniors in California

    By Mike Naylor | September 28, 2022

    California is home to more than 39.5 million residents, and almost 15% of the population is made up of seniors aged 65 or above. California is a member of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. While the higher costs of living and tax rates may deter some lower-income retirees, Social Security income is not taxed, and there are plenty of employment opportunities for seniors who want to continue working. Read More

    5 Best Neighborhoods in Hermosa Beach

    By Mike Naylor | September 9, 2022

    Learn about the 5 best neighborhoods to live in Hermosa Beach so you can make your decision on where to move with all the information you need for best results! Read More